Croonus Loyalty System.

Get an edge over your competition with a loyalty program that's customized for your business. We offer cloud (web) based systems for loyalty programs and gift cards programs. We can help you maximize customer retention and increase customer spending.

Introducing a loyalty program will allow you to collect valuable customer data so you can identify key information and segment customers. Continuing to learn more about your customers will hep you tailor your program to their preferences and increase engagement.


  • Responsive mobile, desktop, and cross browsing design
  • Registration and multiple users in a single account option
  • ERP integration
  • Management of rewards, promotions codes and benefits
  • Active approach to detailed analytics
  • Easily manage the pricing policy
  • Creating a unique customer base
  • Use Levels and Tiers to engage your customers
  • Identify customers by Loyalty Card number, mobile phone or e-mail
  • 360 Customer view
  • Mobile loyalty applications

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